Capitalism’s last stand, and then what?

By Ingrid Ferlo

Trump’s administration is capitalism’s last stand. For the next four to eight years we will see capitalism at its worst. We will see the face value of this exploitative economic system. By the cabinet choices that Donald Trump has made so far we can already see that this will be rough on environmentalists and human rights activists. These are people who have dedicated their entire lives to making money and that informs their way of thinking. Remember that little verse in the Bible, the love for money.

I don’t mean to vilianize them or less yet, dehumanize them. No. I think they are dysfunctional humans that care primordially about their economic status because that’s where they derive power from and that gives them the most satisfaction. They simply, think different than us. And remember that little saying somewhere. I think therefore I am. I think that all humans are equal, deserve a dignified life with enough basic resources to fulfill their purpose. I think we can have a harmonious co-existance with nature. And actually, I think that that’s the only way for an enduring human- nature relationship. And therefore, I act accordingly to these thoughts.

People who, for at least fifteen years, have been deriving their status and power from business that just happen to exploit nature and trample over less politically empowered people, think differently. But this is not a blog about their psyche because you see, their way of thinking, is soon going to be obsolete. And no one decided to go study typewriters when computers were about to be invented. The world has a capability to forget the old. So this is a exert about choices.

Capitalism has been suffering severe blows in the past ten years. It started as a question, then a whisper and then got louder.  We deserve equality. We see what you are doing. You over work us to keep too busy to see how you pillage our planet and our people. But we see you. Occupy. Occupy. Occupy.

It got so loud it spread all over the world and sent capitalists running to protect their ever fleeting way of life. I had never been so proud of being a millennial than during the occupy movements. It was then when we saw that there are multitudes of us tired of this exploitative corporate model that has the world economically enslaved. I was in India then. One of my instructors told me once, capitalism was distributed unequally all over the world and in India you can see the worst distribution. We were talking about rickshaw pullers that stand by the hundreds competing against each other outside metro stations to earn sixty rupees a day doing inhumane work. It hurt me to the core. The disparate distribution of money. The normalized acceptance in the middle class. The subdued look in the poor’s eyes. But I knew then. Capitalism cannot possibly be the future of our world. We have to admit that Capitalism has done a lot for some of us. But not for all of us. At it’s best it is exclusive and at it’s worst it’s exploitative.

Lately, the Occupy movement seems to have quiet down, but capitalists know it hasn’t. The yearning for equality never quiets down. It’s a fire that cannot be quelled with vacant middle class lifestyles. And they know that it can surface again at any moment and spread quickly all over the world. There are multitudes of us working for peace and equality. So they came up with Trump. They came up with a president like them. A man who’s whole life has been nothing but business, making money, litigating anyone who comes before his plan to make more money. And now that they have one of the most powerful governments to themselves we are about to see the strengthening of the most powerful corporations in the world. This is a good thing. Let the super class expose itself. Until now, their greatest weapon has been their anonymity.

Not that some of us haven’t been tracking them before. But in the next four to eight years, the world is going to see them for who they are and what their intentions for the world are. Their intentions are not to live harmoniously with one another and protection of the planet’s resources for generations to use. Their live’s business has been to take, take as much as they can, from wherever they can, for the sustainability of their power. They would easier build an “Elysium” type world than succumb to equality. There is no other politician more unabashed about his entitlement than Trump. Millions of people still believe in Trump. But when they see that money is all these people care about, and when that starts affecting their stable middle class life, their comfortable beds will be rocked. It’s happening already.

At Standing Rock, more than ten thousand people camped day in day out because they believed that they were more powerful than corporations. Even corporations backed up by the government. Europe refugee crisis. Thousands of displaced people walked and crossed borders because they believed that they had the right to protect their children from bombs and starvation. And no government nor border could tell them they can’t. No border nor government could tell them hey have to stay home and die. This is what humanity used to do in historic age. They used to move from region to region looking for better climates and fields. The uprising has started, prompted by different necessities. It was bound to happen. People can only take so much and be oppressed for so long. There is no use to try to hold it back. The best we can all do is join the current. And then the question starts forming into a whisper. There must be a better way.

What are the choices for the world once capitalism goes obsolete? Communism? My heart cringes. You may decide to support communism but you have to agree that it is a failed model. If you want to see how failed, look at Eastern Europe and Central Asia where it can’t be decided if the worst damage Communism can do is religious extremism or economic instability. We are at a point where we have tried the existing models. That’s good, trial and error is good. But now what? What other options are there? Remember how all change starts as a question. Are there more cooperative economic models we can try? I believe this is the question that will inform the next generation. I’m sorry we left you with the question kiddeos, your turn to find the answer.


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