Epidemic of indifference

Our generation, the children of the information age, is tired. We have had information at hand throughout our lives. We grow up knowing about world events from way too young to understand why things happen. We had questions our parents couldn’t answer. Actually we were better informed about the world than them. To know used to be a source of pride. But then some years ago we got tired, we became overwhelmed with images of bombs, guns, drugs, disease, economic crisis, inequality, extreme poverty, famines, natural disasters, man-made disasters ,oil spills, terrorism, religious conflicts, government corruption, gang violence, planned wars, capitalist greed, organized crimes, genocide, sex trade, modern slavery, rapes, domestic violence, child abuse, did I tire you? All of this while we struggle with our own lives, with weight loss, low self-esteem, anorexia, bulimia, depression, debt, loans, addictions, feminism, gender equality, heartbreaks and anxieties about how to get an education, get a job, pay our rents, make friends, make our relationship work, desperately keep our small turf of earth functioning. The world has weighed too heavily on our shoulders and we give up before we even try. We have seen so much through others eyes, it’s like we lived the suffering. Our hearts are tired of feeling for others. We got contaminated with an epidemic of inefficacy. Human suffering has become so normal that we can’t care. Today we see a picture of a child blooded and maimed by a bomb it fails to move the nerves in our hearts because we don’t see our child or brother in him anymore. We hear about a war and the question is ‘where this time?’ Yesterday there was a picture on the internet, of two girls hanging from a tree in a village in India. They were sentenced to death because they were raped. There was no massive outrage. There was no shock. I wonder if that is what information overload intends to do, to sedate people into non reaction. Maybe this is why we over indulge in events like the world cup, reality TV shows, hollywood celebrities gossip, video games, fashion week, TV series, pornography, facebook. These are our sedatives. People, when they see footage of something horrible they shield their eyes, they look away. Turns out the inventors of information technology don’t want to know anymore. Maybe it is because we have this gut feeling that we can’t trust information. That something is wrong with the news. Ironically, with all the information we have something is hidden from us. My father used to tell me the more you know, the better it is for you. A boyfriend told me once, “I wish I lived all my life in the Amazonian tribes, never knowing anything about this world.” We are tired. What can we do? I’m just one person, and I don’t have the money, and I don’t have the power and I understand why you are tired. This is a demanding generation we live in. You know in the movies, there is a central moment. There is this character that goes through hell of a lot, but suddenly at a specific moment, he has to make a hard choice and he makes the right choice, runs after the girl he loves at an airport, jumps a bullet to save someone’s life, wins a game, runs a marathon, speaks out, stands up to a tyrant, stand up to the system that oppresses him, something that makes you see how powerful a little human really is, something that makes you cringe inside and with the theme music crescendo  you feel this surge of power because at that moment your soul is telling you- that is you. Knowing how bad our world is heavy but it’s not a reason to be apathetic. So you’re tired of things always being bad? Rest if off, sit it out; figure it out, because we are the ones who will have to make a hard choice. We need to do something to change this world.

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